Monday, June 18, 2012

No Time Means.......

Well having little time means when the computer you are using is not working properly I am not not functioning properly adding up to I already have to go before I am started.   I am going to the Quincy Lakes to slow down so obviously I first have to speed up hence a very brief posting.

This weekend was overshadowed by the Highway 99 Viaduct closure which impacted traffic, sometimes making for exciting airport runs as the passengers did not add in the traffic factors subtracting from any possible sanity as I flew and fought my way through the congestion. Most exciting was a series of ten dollar tips, sometimes deserved though often not.  Perhaps more of the weekend but probably not. 51 fares on Saturday and Sunday morning a fast 100 dollars in 90 minutes which is why I pry myself up and out on a cruise ship early AM.

I have started my first of many taxi training manuals last week.  Number one in the series is "what it means to be a taxi driver!"  Yes I have a rough idea.


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