Friday, May 9, 2014

She's Has Had Enough Of All Things Taxi!

Even for a dunderhead like me, insensitive to subtleties, it got my attention when "she-who-can't-be-named," the very same person who pressured me to start this damn taxi diary in the first place over three years ago, told me this morning she hadn't read this week's posting and never wanted to read my blog again.  And what could have sparked this nasty rebellion?  Simply, she has heard too much about crazy taxi, she just can't take it any more.  Enough is enough!  Nothing ever changing, the madness forever enduring!

And how can I dispute her argument?  It's true, the taxi story repetitious, irritating, boring!  Watching taxi eat me alive for nearly twenty-five years is enough for anyone. She knows taxi first hand, riding with me Holloween 1989 when our cab was attacked by a group of thugs during those literal high times of the infamous crack cocaine wars.  I stepped on the accecerator, the fools leaping out of the way, my attitude being, "you want to kill us, well sorry buddies, it is time to kill you!"  Clearly then she knows crazy taxi inside and out and back inside again.

Despite all denials I do know she will keep reading.  The problem is she cares about me and is more than ready for my final departure from all my minutes and hours and days and years that is insane taxi.  Yeah, I can't wait as the saying goes.  I am not looking forward to my upcoming taxi weekend.  Hey, what's wrong with me!?   Plenty, brothers and sisters, plenty and it all relates back to

                                                        the sweet and sour

                                                        and the many hours

                                                        both good and bad

                                                        that is taxi driving me

                                                        completely MAD! 

Or something to that effect!

And please, don't get me started about the City and County and........................etc!  As you know it is an old story.  And that is precisely the problem, folks.  Again, enough said!

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