Friday, June 14, 2013

A Driver Called

Taxi affects everyone individually.  Some drivers excel while others are crushed by the pressure. Still others seem to float somewhere in the middle, existing in a nether world between success and failure.  One such driver called me last night.  His near  twenty-year association with a single owner ended two months ago, leaving him without a Yellow cab to drive.  Turning to a Farwest county-only taxi has not been successful even though he is only paying a $50.00 dollar lease for a 12-hour day shift.  His situation is rough, family thankfully assisting with rent.  I gave him a few suggestions and said I would help however I can.

I got word that he could work for the Yellow extra board and by getting his airport ID he probably has a reasonable chance of finding a permanent Sea-Tac cab which would guarantee him viable income.  All he has to do now is follow through and do everything necessary but talking to him this morning I understood it isn't that simple.  One major complication is not an owning a car which enables him to get to the lot.  Some things are basic in this business.  Having your own car is one of them.

My friend is a good guy, responsible and well meaning, but like so many cabbies he exists on the fringe never quite embracing life nor the wonderful opportunity that is taxi.  Despite the many hours taxi for me translates into a relatively good income and the freedom to live the way I want.  While others find it burdensome I find it freeing.  Many years ago when training to be a therapist we were immersed into something called "applied mediation" which essentially examined how one creates individual reality. It created in me a fundamental thought that has stayed with me, that positive steps build upon each other taking you to where you want to go.  Clearly there are no guarantees but each weekend I begin my Saturday guided by that core principal.

Getting back to my taxi buddy he now has a small road map that quickly could take him to where he needs to go.  As for all of us, it ultimately rests with him, with taking the opportunities presented.  Sounds just like taxi which is life magnified.  I only wish him and all my fellow cabbies the best.  Taxi is a rough and tumble world but it can provides riches of all kinds. Sometimes you just have to search for them, that's all.  In about fourteen hours from now I will literally be doing that myself, searching for that magical fare taking me to Spokane or Portland.  I'll tell you if I get there.

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