Monday, April 8, 2013

Now I Am Howling

I am joining my coyote friends back at the Quincy Game Range for a good howl.  Not their sometimes yipping and yapping but a good extended throaty howl because there they were this weekend, the entire 'for-hire" crew acting like taxis and picking up everyone in sight. 

It is true it is true I am not yellow but blue due to chicanery and theft leaving me penniless, leaving me bereft, howling up a storm til I'm out of breath.  Yes that is my feeling and not just belief, this is a real problem and I am doubtful that the city council will provide long-term relief.

Yes all my coyote doggerel friends, that is the real story as it really is, nothing changing since the grand statements of Thursday April 4th. Quoting Pete Townsend "we are not going to take it" and I find it amusing that anyone thought we would.  I'm working tonight due to the Seattle Mariner home opener and everyone knows who will be there after the ninth inning.  This situation is going to have a conclusion and it will have nothing to do with any so-called demand study. 

Hey! City of Seattle, listen up!  We are DEMANDING that you reverse your decision. All of this was completely unnecessary and don't expect us to remain complacent while you snail-pace down the taxi highway. I suggest you consider speeding up the process. And asking the consumer public is only delay.  What do they know about taxi policy decisions?  Nothing whatsoever is the answer.


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