Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Believe There Is Nothing That Can Dissuade Me

Yesterday's commission meeting was the final straw that has broken the taxi camel's back, firming my resolve to resign my position at the end of my second year which is June.  Only my sense of responsibility keeps me from walking away today.  Like the straw, the burden is accumulative, idle rumors and absent commission members insulting only further any assemblage of personal propriety I have managed to build.  No, this is not a "polite society."  I want out.

 More than once since my active political involvement dating back to about 2007 I have clearly stated the various problems and their potential solutions.  Finally it appears that King County will begin examining driver training which contains so many inherent deficits.  I lost count how many times I have said that KC & the City are graduating poorly prepared drivers who have no business whatsoever operating a taxi.  One would think that the high first year accident rates would send a clear message. 

But I have found over my twenty-five years that no one is clearly paying attention to the industry, and those involved internally, the active participants, have been to varying degrees immature, socially alienated and generally incoherent.  In other words do the math and when adding dysfunction to dysfunction the resulting equation is chaos.

Yesterday when I put forth a motion to remove a commission member who had missed three consecutive meetings it was tabled to give the individual one more opportunity but why, why had he earned our deference?  If and when local regulatory authorities and the industry itself realize that we must operate professionally at all times we will then and only then begin to adequately function.  Our job and focus is not to administer first-aid.  It is to functionally operate a business. 

Part of my problem personally is that I do understand fully what crazy is.  From 1974, beginning with my first psychiatric counseling position at Community House Psychiatric Drop-in Center to my last professional positions in 1993, a near span of twenty years, I saw crazy first hand.  I know it from the many patients and clients I encountered.  I know it from many of the so-called professional colleagues I worked with.  From 1985-90 I worked with a very difficult population, developmentally-disabled sexual offenders.  That immersed me in the world of sexual therapists and sexual-deviancy related therapies.  I saw the dysfunction first hand and I see it now.  Nothing short of divine intervention will compel me to stay.  Being inundated by madness every Saturday and Sunday is enough.  I can't take it and I will not take the abuse any longer.  And yes, let the rumors begin!  How the inmates love to mutter amongst themselves, slicing their wrists puzzling at the blood.

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