Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cabbie's Reading Corner

I have decided to take Scott Simon's idea and apply it to myself.  So occasionally when I am reading something worthwhile I will mention it.  And those who are my taxi driver readers, please feel encouraged to recommend a good read.  I do promise I will not list everything I am or have been reading because my various agendas for reading a particular book may not lend itself for general perusal.  And my best current for instance and example is Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" which I am reading solely due to its vaunted place in literary history.  I like it but it is truly too wordy and the allusions are so obscure  as to be completely confounding.  Only a very-versed historian of 18th & 19th century France could truly understand what Hugo is referencing.  If that completely annotated version exists I want it!  Or maybe, if given the opportunity, publish one myself, though I won't be the poor soul doing the research.  It would take me a couple of lifetimes, at least!

No, the book I am recommending is fairly simple but wonderfully written.  The fourth chapter, entitled, "Reptile Love", is worth the entire book, which is "The Lizard King" by Bryan Christy, a expose about real-live reptile smuggling. Sorry to disappoint all those Doors fans out there as it has nothing to do with that rock & roll lizard king, Jim Morrison though I can admit to once standing beside his Paris graveside in August of 2003.. Vitals for the book: published 2008 by Hachette Book Group.  ISBN-13:978-0-446-58095-3.

And remember, you almost have to try to die from a rattlesnake bite.  Twice I have stepped upon rattlesnakes while hiking and both times the snake just got the heck out of there.  Snakes are nice if not particularly friendly creatures. They have their own way and manner of doing things.  Just like some taxi drivers I know.  I wouldn't pet them either!

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