Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Report From Renton L&I Hearing, 10/26/11

The sad part of the hearing was the taxi industry attendance.  Perhaps 20 or so folks showed up, and that was it.  Now I heard that earlier this month there was over 250 taxi folks testifying, an in general show of force. Today was little short of embarrassing.  The witnesses who did speak made a credible effort at expressing industry position but where were the rest of you?  I will keep repeating the obvious until your behavior changes.  Change does not occur instantaneously.  It is not add water and mix.  It is, like any war, composed of many mundane hours slogging in the trenches.  Though given the poor attendance, I sense a positive shifting in our direction.  Those who spoke, spoke in unison, repeating the mantra that $380.00 per month or some similar amount is not viable, hurting the industry and impacting families. We need your participation to get our and your message across to those who need to know them.  We have until November 4th to tell Labor & Industry our opinions and feelings.  Tomorrow I will be be posting various names and emails you should be contacting.  Join me in this struggle and together we will succeed!

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