Monday, September 19, 2011

The Justification for a Seattle/King County Taxi Union/Association

Since I have a few spare moments, I thought it might be useful to explain why I feel a union, in whatever legal fashion, of drivers and owners is so necessary to the future viability of our industry.  Sometime this week I will be getting to the composing of what I am calling "the Taxi Manifesto", a more or less detailed statement of what I think should be happening.  Clearly to me the industry needs some kind of insulation and active protection from governmental regulatory bodies.  I don't think there is one experienced driver and owner who disagrees with that sentiment.  As a united body we will be better able to fend off outside interference and of course, govern ourselves better.  This will take some effort but I strongly believe that the payoff will be gratifying in the long run.  Justification for the many hours that this will take will be the satisfaction observing the industry acting as a cohesive organism collectively for the common good.  I know there are many who think this is a pipe dream but I could not disagree more.  It can and will work.  Our internal disagreements will evolve in to a constructive dialogue that will be sustaining and lasting, something that will outlive my active participation. Plant the seeds today and harvest the future garden.  Eventually all of us will have "yellow thumbs!"

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