Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick PS to Yesterday's Posting

She who wishes to remain nameless called last night to say that "it was too much, too much", too many repetitions upon the same tired old subject.  Well perhaps but after rereading the posting I don't think so, instead illustrating how quickly the taxi weather changes.  One moment you are a complete monster, then the very next fare you are transformed into superhero.  The truth is is that taxi for the most part is complete nonsense, taking the majority to places they probably should not be going.  And the sorry reality is is that every taxi driver in this whole, wide world has a nice big target on his or her back.  You are the public punching bag and that is the way it is.  Get behind the wheel and you will know instantly what I am talking about.  Simutaneously you are a beast, a sex symbol, a bum, a molester, an a__hole, a bitch faggot (my favorite designation) and everything and anything else the passenger and general culture can dream up.  As I say, and will always say, the best thing about taxi is the moola (cold cash!) at the end.  Oh yes, I so enjoy seeing humanity at its rawest.  Yeah right!

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